Digital SLR and Mirrorless Camera Workshop (OCT)

About This Activity

If you recently bought a digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex or Mirrorless camera with removable lenses) has it given you the results you expect? If you would like to learn more about your DSL/Mirrorless camera and how to use it better, join Doctor Legacy and:

  • Learn about shooting in program mode, aperture priority mode, shutter priority mode and manually.  Learn when you would need to use those modes.
  •  Learn about ISO (in film days ASA) and why it is important to your picture taking.
  •  Learn about lenses and how they are not all created equal.
  •  Learn about accessories and what you really need and what you should consider.
  •  Learn more about shooting in low light with dramatically better results.

A fun 6 1/2 hour class to learn more about your digital cameras and taking better pictures!




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