2012 Fall Nov Aikido (Ages 6-12)

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Learn safety techniques, such as how to roll when falling from being pushed, or thrown.  Learn fundamentals of how to handle the aggressive actions of others, blending their energy with your own "ki" or "chi" (vital energy) to find an effective and harmonious resolution.  We will learn fundamental techniques to resolve potential conflict for many situations and build confidence, respect, awareness, coordination, and fitness while training and having fun. 


Fundamentals class is for children with beginner skills. Each class will be limited to 18 students.

Fundamentals class for beginner skills starts @ 5 pm.

Instructor:  Chief Instructor Tom Okamoto

Ages: 6 years through 12. Teens: 13-17.  If under age 6, contact instructor for a pre-registration interview and skills evaluation.

Location: Lodi Japanese Community Hall. 210 E. Elm St. Lodi.

Sessions:  4 weeks/2x per week   

Ages 6-12 Fee: R$45/NR$55   Teen Fee: R$55/NR$65 

Days: Monday and Wednesday

Time: 6-12 5 pm to 5:45/Teens 6 pm to 6:45 pm

For class  information, please call Tom Okamoto at 209-339-9943.

Registration nnformation, please call Rachel at 209 333-6800 Ext. 2452

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