Wire Wrap Jewelry (DEC)

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Wire Wrap Jewelry

Fun or elegant jewelry can be made with wire of all types: Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Art Wire.   Though each class builds upon what is taught in the previous month, each class can be taken without taking the other classes, and all are for beginners. It is planned  to construct a ring for this class, but the instructor is reserving the right to change this plan.  Information on wire, tools, materials sources, and design elements will be included.  Students are encouraged to have their own basic tools (chain-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, flush cutters ? NOT SIDE CUTTERS).  Some tools will be available for loan for first session of a student on a limited basis.  Project packet will be available: $10 for sterling silver kit, $5.00 for copper kit.  Silver prices are fluctuating daily; if cost of silver is over the estimate from this date of printing, a small surcharge may be necessary on the silver kit.  Students may use their own wire and stones (please contact instructor prior to class to assure the suitability of products)

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