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Monday, January 7, 2013
Centenary Church 2800 Tates Creek Rd LexingtonKY  40502
Monday, January 7, 2013
Centenary Church 2800 Tates Creek Rd LexingtonKY  40502

About This Activity

About I am 3rd Sports Ministries:
I am 3rd is one piece of the overall recreation ministries at Centenary Church. I am 3rd is based on a simple belief: Christ is First, Others are Second,I am 3rd. Through basketball, soccer, dance, equine, tennis and a variety of other sports, camps, and recreation activities, I am 3rd worksto foster the athletic and spiritual development of all involved.

At the heart of our ministry are several key convictions including a belief that sports and recreationactivities can:

  • Improve physical health in a God honoring way.
  • Enable a more holistic way of serving God with our lives.
  • Supply opportunities to build life-giving relationships.
  • Provide an excellent atmosphere for growth in faith.
  • Reflect and teach biblical values.
  • Teach participants that winning and losing is a part of life. The key is developing good sportsmanship.
  • Enable a more holistic way of serving God.
Through intensive instruction,we will provide dancers with
� A better understanding of dancetechnique.
� Advance in skills such as jumps andturns
� Confidence in performing
� Relationships with trained danceinstructors
� An understanding of how to improvephysical health in a God honoring way
� An excellent atmosphere for growth infaith

Class Ages & Sessions
(Age as of 9/10/12)

Class Cost
  • Class #1: $160 (Spring) 2-3yrs
  • Class #2: $220 (Spring) 4-8yrs
  • Class #3: $290 (Spring) 8 & up
  • Classes Begin the week of Jan 7th
  • Classes End the week of April 15th
  • Spring Dance Recital: April 20th
  • Picture Day: @ Dress Rehearsal - April 13th

    Class Options
  • Class #1: Ages 2-3yrs - 30 min. class
  • Class #2: Ages 4-8yrs - 60 min. class
  • Class #3: Ages 8 & up - 90 min. class
    Recital Costumes
    All dancers will receive a Kathryn EvansDance Co. T-Shirt, Recital Costume(see note below), Dance bag (1 peryear) Great Instruction and More!
  • 1Costume - 2�s & 3�s - (30 min class)
  • 2 Costumes - 4-7�s - (60 min class)
  • 3 Costumes - Oldest - (90 min class)
    For More Information Contact:
    Kathyrn Evans Nash
    I am 3rd Dance Instructor
    (859) 269-2800 x281

    Please see below

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    Centenary Church 2800 Tates Creek Rd LexingtonKY  40502
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