Laurel Swim Association 2012 Fall Invitational

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This meet is sponsored by Laurel Swim Association, City of Laurel Parks and Recreation. Current USA Swimming rules govern the meet. It is open to all registered USA Swimming athletes; the athlete’s registration number must accompany entries for entry consideration. Any person who enters an unregistered swimmer is subject to a $100 fine per event entered. Age as of November 9, 2012 will determine age for the meet. Event is limited to 200 Swimmers age 12 & under, and 200 swimmers age 13 and older. Entry fees are $3.50 per individual event, $8.00 per relay event, $5.00 per swimmer MSI surcharge, and $3.00 per swimmer facility surcharge. Entries must be received by midnight Thursday November 1, 2012. Individual High point for each age group/sex division. Individual events: Ribbons will be awarded for places 1st-16th for 11-12, 10 & U and 8 & U. Relay events: Ribbons will be awarded for places 1st-8th event 12 & U and 8 & U. No team awards provided. Individual events points are: 9, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. There are no points for relay events.

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