Laramie Swim Club Fall Harvest Classic Swim Meet

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This meet is held under sanction of Wyoming Swimming Inc. and USA Swimming Inc. This will be a team effort meet, designed to allow swim teams to open the swim season in an organized fashion and to encourage swimmers to work toward both individual and mutual goals. Current USA swimming registration will be required for all swimmers. Entry fees are $4.00 per swimmer per individual event, $5.00 per team per relay event, $6.00 per swimmer for the WSI Participation Fee. A facility surcharge of $2.00 per swimmer is required. Entries must be in the hands of the Entry Chair by 5:00pm, Saturday, November 3, 2012. Each swimmer may compete in up to 4 individual events and one relay per day. Total number of swimmers will be limited to 200 per session, although no Team's entries will be split. Really Spiffy Ribbons Places 1-8, No tangible awards for Relays outside the satisfaction of a job well done.

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