FP - Puppy Obedience

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Training courses are designed to teach you how to establish leadership - to be proactive not reactive.  This ABC (Animal Behavior College) class will cover and discuss: nipping and mouthing; unruly behavior in the house; chewing, housetraining; socialization and begin simple training with food lures of sit, stay and heel.  Class is taught by a certified ABC Dog Trainer.

Class is for puppies 12-18 weeks old at the start of class.  Dogs weighing 20 lbs or less may also attend the class.  The first night of class bring proof of vaccination, flat or Martingale collar, 6 foot leash, bags and rags for clean up, treats, and all family members interested in working with the puppy.  Class held in open air building.

Do not feed puppy before class.

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