Intermediate Mountaineering Skills

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Looking at classic mountaineering objectives out West, or the committing winter ascents of the East? Then they'll take the skills you learned in Winter Climbing 101 and apply them on a long route that will get you way up above the valley. In Winter Mountaineering 201, they'll review the basics, then head up a route of moderate-angled snow and ice. They'll cover lots of ground, protecting the party while moving together on the rope, and belaying the sections that require more care. Route selection, hazard assessment, and decision-making in the mountains all come into play as they steadily gain elevation. For a safety-conscious party, smooth and efficient movement up the mountain is a reward in itself, but the views from up there make it even better. Since the top of any climb is really the half-way point, they will need to address the variety of descent options as well.

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