Next Level Shooting Camp (6th-8th grade)

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Next Level Shooting Camp

Shooting like a Pro, Oakland Elite Basketball is offering a camp to boys and girls of any skill level trying to improve their Shooting skills and knowledge of the game. This is a great opportunity to learn techniques, drills, and word usage that will immediately improve your accuracy, range, and quickness in shooting. Campers will shoot over 300 shots, while being coached by Director Romulo Roldan, Former Detroit Mercy Jason Praet, and current Division I players throughout the camp!!


Some Keep points will be covered in Shooting Camp!!!

·         Form Shooting (Balance, Arc, Rotation, Follow Through)

·         Quick Release

·         Shooting off the Pass

·         Shooting off the Dribble

·         Free Throw Shooting

For all camp information and questions please contact Oakland Elite Sports at (248) 276-2600

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