The Great Debate: Power or Accuracy?

Who would you rather have on your lacrosse team: someone that shoots the ball really hard but can't control it, or someone that doesn't have the shot speed but can put the ball wherever he wants every time he shoots?

I would take accuracy every time. Why? The easy answer is that goalies make mistakes. I would much rather have the ball be somewhere on the net and have a chance to score. I'm all for shot speed, but not at the expense of accuracy.

Last year we had extra time to warm up before a game. I was shooting with a player that was new to the team that year. I didn't know if I wanted to play him at attack or middle. He had been playing middle.

As we were shooting, I tried to call my shot by picking a corner. Then we started to play P-I-G. After I won, I told him you can't score unless it is on the net. He agreed.

During the game, I played him at attack and he scored. Let me tell you--it was a bad shot and the goalie just missed it. I talked to him afterward about it, and he said, "Coach you were right. Get it on net right where I wanted it to go."

I was shocked he scored on that shot, but it was on net. Goalies make mistakes just like every other player. With that in mind, speed doesn't matter like accuracy.

So the next time you practice, aim for the corners. Once you can hit them every time, show your teammates. They will be jealous, trust me. I once told my team I was going to hit the top-right corner and I did the first time I shot in front of them. I earned their respect right away, from that accuracy shooting display.

Take the same pride and passion in your accuracy as you do the rest of your game.

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