How to Take Advantage of an Extra Man

The Extra Man Offense (EMO) can come from a penalty or by pulling your goalkeeper. But how do you take advantage of this edge and turn it into points?

First, realize you have the advantage and use it. Your team will be at least one man up, so most defenses will play some sort of zone. The most common is the box in one (this is a where four defenders are in a box shape with one guy in the middle to protect in front of the crease). The other zone teams play is a 2-3 zone (counting from the top of the box). So the question most players and coaches are going to have is, how do we attack the zone?

It is simply a zone, and every zone has its weakness. It is the EMO's job to attack it. You can cause a lot of stress on the defense if you do three things:

  • Make good passes
  • Wait for the right shots
  • Take your time

If you do these three things it will help your EMO score more. It is a basic understanding that if you don't drop or lose the ball and take good shots you should score. But kids think they have to score in the first 10 seconds after a penalty. That isn't the case.

Practice taking your time and get the defense into a position that gives you a better chance to score. To give you a play that works is hard because different people will look at this and say that won't work for their team. The kids that are on the EMO team should have a passion to score or feed and understand the importance of taking advantage of this situation that the other team got a penalty.

Two tips to help you improve your EMO offense:

Feed or attack from X – Why? Because it is easier to catch and shoot in one motion. Also, because the defenders watch the ball in a zone and forget about cutters. This allows your team to get open at lot easier without being caught.

Attack the open spaces of the defense's zone – This causes a lot of confusion with the defense. Because they don't know who is suppose to guard who. To add to that if the ball is at X and you have guys running around from one side through the crease, it creates confusion.

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