West Point Tour de Lake 2013

About This Activity

This is a beautiful ride around a very scenic lake. This ride will be challenging enough for those experienced riders but also can be riden easily and leisurely by a family or scenic riders. *REGISTER EARLY FOR DISCOUNTS AND A T-SHIRT* Rate increases: 10th of February, 20th of March, and 20th of April. On-line registration ends on May 10th but on-site registration will be available on the day of the ride.** NO REFUNDS OR SWAPS**

West Point Tour de Lake is now sponsored by the La Grange Amateur Radio Club which has years of experience providing service and support in many functions to other area rides. Rides includes the large MS 150 2 day ride at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain also the Blazing Saddles and Wheels of Fire among others. Rest assured you will be in good hands with dedicated and experienced volunteers that will make this ride one to remember for you.*NO REFUNDS OR SWAPS: You are receiving a special price for early registration, in consideration of this special pricing no refunds or swaps can be made. Active does not provide for the management of any changes after registration.REGISTER BEFORE THE 26TH OF APRIL TO RECEIVE A T-SHIRT. NO T-SHIRTS WILL BE PROCESSED WITH REGISTRATIONS ON OR AFTER APRIL 27TH, INCLUDING THE DAY OF EVENT!

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