BarSculpt with Shellie Belanger

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BarSculpt is inspired by the Lotte Berk Method.  BarSculpt classes are best described as Pilates evolved, allowing both men and women to find more ease in movement, coordination and flexibility.  BarSculpt brings together the disciplines of Yoga, Pilates, and sports conditioning into one system, targeting specific problem areas like teh seat, abdonimals, arms and thighs.  We start with a light cardio warm up, followed by series of major muscle group fatiguing and stretching of those muscles to achieve a long, lean look.  Excercising has never felt or made you look better.  Get prepared to build a strong core, improve your posture and focus your mind with BarSculpt.

Shellie Belanger is a Certified Barsculpt Instructor and has been practicing the method for nearly 7 years.  Using mind-boyd philosophy, personal experience in injury modification and strengthening, as well as practical experience in many forms of fitness/exercise including Advanced Pilates and strength/conditioning/toning classes.

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