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Bricks offers project-based programs designed to teach principles and methods of engineering and architecture, as well as concepts across a variety of subject areas including math, science and history using LEGO® bricks. The activities are designed to trigger young children?s lively imaginations and build their self-confidence. We strive to foster creativity and problem solving and enable children to learn not only by listening and observing, but also by using their fine motor skills and spatial intelligence. Participants build a new project each week.  Architectural concepts are taught while assembling the projects. Min.10  Max 20 students 


Energy is Everywhere:

Energy is used in everything we do. Energy causes things to happen around us; simply stated, it is the ability to do work. The energy from the sun keeps our planet warm enough for life, and provides the energy for plants to grow. Not only is oil used to fuel cars and airplanes, it is also used in fertilizers, and in the manufacturing of rubber, certain kinds of medicine, garbage bags, milk crates and plastics.  Did you know that trees are a source of energy as well? 

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