Fearless Swimming 3-day Freestyle Improvement Workshop Irvine

About This Activity

Three afternoons of intensive small group instruction based upon Total Immersion methods designed to get you swimming improved freestyle in a few hours. For swimmers that are just learning or want to improve freestyle for triathlons or for fun. Includes written "before" and "after" video analysis. If scheduling is a problem you can take session #2 or #3 at a later date subject to available space at future workshops.

This clinic takes place on 3 consecutive Sundays so that participants can practice what they learn between sessions.Limited to 5 participants. Each pool session is 2 hours and the coach spends another hour at home preparing a written video analysis and a detailed practice prescription for each student.Clinic format allows participants time to practice and receive correction during class so they learn better and faster than intense, one on one instruction. Space is very limited to assure you get lots of attention so enroll early. Email Ingrid at IngridLoosMiller at gmail.com for more information.

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