Start: Friday, December 6, 2013

Indianapolis Racquet Club, 8249 Dean Road, Attn: Steve Wakefield
Indianapolis , IN 46240

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Location: Indianapolis Racquet Club, Division: Satellite: BG(12-10)s,FMLC, Notes: Tournament for players with little or no tournament experience. Two Main draw wins are maximum in their entered age division for this tournament in non intro-type tournaments the past 12 months. May not have won a intro type tournament in this age division in the last 12 months. Draws may be limited by lot to 32 players per event. No seeds. Friday matches start as early as 5:30 p.m. Two singles matches are possible on Friday evening. Requests for special scheduling may not be able to be accommodated. 10 and under divisions will use Green Dot balls on 78 ft court.

USTA - Boys' 12 Singles, Boys' 10 Singles, Girls' 12 Singles, Girls' 10 Singles

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