The New eteamz Message Boards
The message boards are changing soon. Here's a guide to help figure everything out.
Step 1: Board Location

The community is going the way of the dodo (extinct). In order to provide a better, multi-sport community, the eteamz message boards are combining with the message boards and will soon be located at the new

To find your sport board:
Go to the new (Coming Soon!)
Click the "Community" link in the top yellow nav bar
Click "All" in the Featured Communities box
Step 2: Pick a Sport

The eteamz / Active community is now the ultimate in sport message boards, articles, tips, drills, fitness, diet, and so on. One convenient location for all things sport. New tools, new content, and a new look; this community is something to get excited about!

Select a sport-specific community:
Take a peek at all the great new content featured in the community
Focus your eyes on the Communities box in the middle of the page
Focused? Good. Now click the sport you are interested in
Step 3: Choose "Discussion"

The new eteamz / Active community not only features message boards, but a variety of other neat tools as well. Choose from Discussions (message boards), Documents, and Blog Posts to find content that fits your needs.

Content and Topics:
Click the "Discussions" tab to get to the message board area
Select a topic of interest from the big box in the middle
Create or respond to a discussion using the Actions box on the left