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Tour the Relaunch!, the Active Community, and eteamz are all being relaunched in order to provide our users with a vastly improved experience. Please explore this tour site to get a feel for the new Active environment, some of the great new features being added, resources to help you find all your old favorites on our new websites, as well as support resources just in case you are left with any unanswered questions.
The new is now your one-stop shop for everything sport. Read articles, watch videos, search and register for events, find teams, leagues, and so much more.
The Active Community
The Active and eteamz message boards will soon be coming together to form an incredible new sport community for both endurance and team-sport athletes.
eteamz has a new Website housed within that is focused solely on eteamz sites and streamlining the site creation process. Message boards, announcements, tournament listings and more will now be located on
Single Sign On is an ongoing project for all Active products and services. Initially you will have access to all eteamz and content and services with a single login; other Active products (like online registration) will be added over time.