Round the Circle Shot

Shooting/Skating Drill:

Line your kids up on the right or left side of the rink, just outside the Face Off circle. Put your goalie in goal. The player with the Puck/Ball skates around the outside of the Face Off circle towards the goal at full speed. The player will skate around the curve of the Face Off circle. Make sure your player controls the puck/ball or slow him down. When the player reaches the top of the crease have the player shoot on goal, working the top corners and the bottom corners.

Make sure the player does not shoot too soon as the goalie will cut off his shot at an angle. It is also important that the shooter wait until he is at the top of the crease before taking the shot.

This drill works much better if executed with a goalie is in the goal. It will teach the players to aim towards the corners of the net rather than hitting it directly into the center of the net where the goalie is.

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