Hockey: Inside a 1-On-1 Attack on Goal

Goalie vs. Attacker: there's not a more tense matchup in the game of hockey. Whether it's a game-time situation or an overtime shootout, here are tips for both defending--and properly executing--a 1-on-1 attack on goal.

Defending the 1-On-1 Attack

There are three keys on defense: adjust your speed to your opponent; stay between your opponent and your net; keep your feet moving and stay under control.

This can be done by keeping one hand on the stick--arm half extended, stick in front of you--and then force and steer your opponent to the outside. Don't forget to always protect the center/middle corridor.

Cutting Down the Angle

Goalies must remember not to stay deep in your net. Do not give too much room on one side, but instead keep square with the puck to be set when the shot is taken.

Goalie Focus

Focusing must be adjustable, like a zoom lens on a camera. When the puck/play is developing in the neutral zone, your focus will be broad. If you are facing a long shot, you will focus narrowly on the puck.

Tips for Attackers

When shooting a wrist shot, keep hands apart with your body turned sideways to the target. The puck should begin at the side of your body, then sweep puck forward while transferring your weight. The puck will spin from heel to toe; this makes your follow-through low and pointed at your target.

Attack Options

As a puck carrier in the offensive zone you should remember some of your options: Drive to the net and shoot, pass back to the trailer, pass to the far wing driving to the net, or cut back, and stall for time.

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