Swim Lessons Level 2

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The objective of Level 2 is to give participants success with fundamental skills. This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills. Participants further develop arm and leg actions on the front and back that lay the foundation for future strokes. The difference of this level, as compared to Level 1, is the completion of skills without the supporting aid of the instructor and/or floatation devices and the increased distance requirements of the basic skills. Enter and exit water by stepping or jumping from the side. Fully submerge and hold breath. Bobbing. Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects. Front, jellyfish and tuck floats. Front and back glides and floats. Recover to vertical position. Roll from front to back and back to front. Change direction of travel while swimming on front or back. Tread water using arm and leg actions. Combined arm and leg actions on front and back. Finning arm action.

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