Night Riders - Indoor Cycling Fitness Class

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Night Riders is a class that appeals to men and women who want a regular cardio/conditioning workout that would be similar to the ellipticals, the treadmills, the stairmasters and the stationary bikes in our fitness room in a group setting (for encouragement and consistency) and utilizing the superior quality of the SPIN cycles in our SPIN room. Instead of the often-changing complexity of
a multi-phase SPIN class (in & out of saddle, jumps, intervals), Night Riders will focus on ?the ride? more in the fashion of an outdoor course. A combination of Cadence and Resistance would be at the center of the class. A metronome that can be set to offer specific RPMs will help to set a pace for longer stretches of time. Part of the instructor?s responsibility will be to encourage different
stretches of terrain using cadence/resistance combinations. Meets twice a week for six weeks. Coordinator: Mike Benard

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