Aquatic Adventures Aquathlon & Swim Clinic #2

About This Activity

Take part in an OSU Ross Heart Hospital TriFit Challenge training event at Aquatic Adventures. There is a swim clinic led by USAT-certified coaches designed for athletes regardless of swim experience prior to the Aquathlon. There are three aquathlon distances available to choose: Tri, Fit and Challenge. There is an open swim immediately after the aquathlon for participants to practice technique, get swim tips, or just swim under the watchful direction of USAT-certified coaches.

Tri Aquathlon Distance

200 yd swim + 1 mile run

Fit Aquathlon Distance

400 yd swim + 2 mile run

Challenge Aquathlon Distance

800 yd swim + 3 mile run

Other clinics

This is the 2nd of the Aquatics Adventure Aquathlon & Swim clinic events. The first is being held March 23, 2013 - check out the March event for package discounts for March and May events.

There are two Aquatic Adventures Aquathlon & Swim Clinics - March 23 and May 11. Participate in them both and train for your summer triathlon!

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