Junior Super Sport Winter 2 (3/4yr old pm session)

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This class is designed to introduce children to multiple sports such as soccer, basketball, t-ball, floor hockey and arena football. Participants will learn basic fundamentals while having fun playing games. Parents of children ages 2-3 can also enjoy a day of fun at the gym and share your love of sports with your son or daughter. For more information, contact Julie Mitchell at 847.579.3137 or jmitchell@pdhp.org. Your child's attention will be constantly stimulated as we introduce a different sport every 2 weeks. Each child will learn the basic fundamentals of 3 of the following field sports: Lacrosse, Flag Football, Baseball, Field Hockey, or Soccer. In the final week we'll compete in a jamboree showcase of all sports. Contact Julie Mitchell at jmitchell@pdhp.org or 847-579-3131.

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