Trailapalooza Spring Running Festival 2013

About This Activity

Gather as many points as possible. Competitors will have 3 course options to choose from. Each trail will have a different point value based on distance and difficulty. Each trail length will be operational for a FULL 12 hours. Competitors will compete in 3-hour, 6-hour, or 12-hour races. Only laps completed while the race clock is still running will be awarded points. If running for hours on end isn't your thing, sign up to do a single 5k, 10k or 20k!

COURSE OPTIONS: TRAIL OPTION POINTS: SINGLE COURSE LAP OPTIONS: GREEN COURSE: 5 points ORANGE COURSE: 5 points YELLOW COURSE: 5 points COMBINATION COURSE LAP OPTIONS In order to receive bonus points competitors must complete the following combinations IN THE ORDER LISTED BELOW. If you plan on running the course as a combination for bonus points YOU MAY NOT TAKE A BREAK BETWEEN LAPS. You must continue moving once you check in with the staff, if you plan to go out and run for 30 points be prepared to run that long by carrying whatever you will need to get you through to the next break. ? ORANGE + GREEN: 13 points (3 bonus points) ORANGE + YELLOW: 13 points (3 bonus points) ?ORANGE + GREEN + YELLOW: 19 points (4 bonus points) ? ORANGE + GREEN + ORANGE + GREEN: 30 points ( additional 4 bonus points) ORANGE + YELLOW + ORANGE + YELLOW: 30 points (additional 4 bonus points) ??ORANGE + GREEN + YELLOW+?ORANGE + GREEN + YELLOW: 45 points (additional 7 points)

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