How to Be Confident, Sexy and Happy

Love Your Curves

J.Lo and Beyonce brought the womanly figure back in style. In the era of "heroin-chic", thin models graced every magazine and walked almost every runway imaginable. Many young women began working hard to achieve that unhealthy look. If you happen to be a naturally thin woman, there's nothing wrong with that. But, if you happen to be a more curvaceous woman like Kate Winslet or Beyonce, flaunt it because there is nothing wrong with curves. Dress your body in a way that subtly frames your curves and creates a great silhouette.
Of course, you can always enhance your figure. Use resistance and cardio training to make the best of your natural shape.

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Frame Your Freckles

As cheesy as this may sound, I had a friend who was a redhead covered in freckles. Her mother told her that her freckles were 'angel kisses.' I thought that was a great way to get her to love her freckles.

However, with freckles comes some danger when exposed to the sun. It's imperative to wear sunscreen regardless your skin type, but if you have very fair skin and lots of freckles...lather sunscreen on. Overtime freckles can turn into dark blotches due to sun exposure. So remember to put on sunscreen to protect your skin and freckles.
Also, don't cover your freckles with heavy foundation.  Don't you think it would be weird if you had freckles on your arms, neck and back, but not your face? Freckles are a unique part of you—celebrate that.  

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Glasses for the Masses

Glasses are more than just eye wear, they are a personal accessory. Some people look so natural with their glasses on that they look 'incomplete' when they take them off. If you wear glasses, jazz it up by getting cute, trendy frames that compliment your face. There are a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles to choose from and surely there's a pair with your name on them. Don't be afraid to be bold and use your glasses as a fun accessory.

Trademark Secrets

In college, I had a friend who had this huge light purple and gray birthmark on her face. As distracting as it sounds, it was actually a unique feature that made her beauty stand out more. Different features can accentuate one's beauty. If you find you have something that is unique to you, such as a visible birthmark, look at it as an addition to your natural beauty.

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The Nose Knows

If you've seen a movie with Owen Wilson in it, you've probably noticed his nose. Any bump, hump or dip can be seen as a reason to correct a 'deviated septum' and get a nose job. Learn to embrace the shape of your nose. That can help build your confidence, is a lot cheaper and more painless than a nose job. Plus, there are ways to effectively heighten or downplay the structure of your nose with make-up and other cost-effective ways to shape the look of your nose.

We can all find more flaws in ourselves than we ought to. Remember, in order to celebrate your unique beauty find a well-balanced, happy and confident existence. The next time you look in the mirror, point out three things you like about yourself and focus on how to enhance them.

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