4 Defensive Tricks for Cold Season

Aside from the Floridians with year-round suntans, many people are hit hard during the cold season. With kids around the house, pets running inside and out, snow and ice covering the car and a host of germs waiting for you at your office, you are lucky you are not calling in sick on a daily basis. More importantly, we all know that exercising with a cold is the worst, and sitting at home with a box full of tissues is not my idea of a day off. Here are some defensive tricks for cold season

Tip #1: While at work, frequently wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer. Cold viruses live on surfaces for hours, so keep your hands especially clean following a trip to the restroom, before eating and after wandering around the office.

Tip #2: Whereas many people suggest orange juice and vitamin C, when the throat begins to scratch, try Zinc instead. Recent studies have shown that Zinc can lessen the duration of a cold and prevent the severity when you experience the first symptoms.

Tip #3: If a fever is leaving you achy, tired and chilled, take this time to catch up on a couple old movies. You might have a hard-working attitude, but your co-workers will not enjoy your pale face and drippy nose as you struggle to get through a day in the office.

Tip #4: For a mild cold, limit the time you spend lying down, and try to move around in order to prevent the fluids from draining from your sinuses and ear canals. Varying your normal exercise routine is fine, as long as your keep yourself active and hydrated. You should lower the intensity of your workouts, but do not use the sick-card as an excuse to take the week off.

Research suggests that trained athletes demonstrate a lower incidence of colds due to a better functioning immune system, and when athletes do catch the sick bug, they tend to recover quicker compared to their non-conditioned counterparts.

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