Enrich- Demo Cook/ Bacon Fest!

About This Activity

For those of us bacon lovers, it is hard to imagine the wold without bacon. Bacon is recorede as far back as 1500BC with the Chinese cured prok belly with salt. Its uses are so diverse... from a simple pan fry on a Sunday morning to sandwhiches, stews adn even desserts. And, facon's popularity has boomed in the last few years a famous chefs have begun using it in earnest in their botiquey-foods. Watch as you see bacon incoorporated in a variety of recipes and see it showcased in its multi-dimentional falvor in new and fun ways. Staci will be preparing Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing, BBQ Shrimp BLTs with Peppered Couscous, Caons Infused Caramel Sundae, and Bacon Upsidedown Cake. She willl also include a recipe for a Bacon-tini using Homemade Bacon Vodka!

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