Naughty or Nice Run

About This Activity

The Naughty or Nice Run is the kickoff for the Grafton Holiday Riverwalk Festival. The Nice Run is a 2 Mile Riverwalk on the flat bicycle trail. The Naughty Run is a 4 mile road run from the river up to the top of the bluff. Naughty Run has one uphill from the .5 mile mark to the 2 mile mark and then downhill to the finish. Over 100 runners will be doing the Naughty Run as the 2nd part of the newest two day running event the Zilla Challenge.

The start and Finish of the event are at the Big Kahuna Bar & Grill in Grafton Harbo,r where you can enjoy an tropical island atmosphere in Dec. Outside we will have a Free bonfire, and a cauldron of chilli for a small fee. Every entry over 21 years old will get a coupon for 1 free beer. All are welcome to enjoy the Riverwalk Festival where Grafton Businesses will offer samples, deals and entertainment. Carolers will welcome Santa will have his sleigh and a liver reindeer.

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