Girls Volleyball Spring 2013 Ages 10-11

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PHILOSOPHY: The City of Goodyear Recreation Division strives to provide a positive recreational youth sports experience for players that will develop a youngsters physical, mental, emotional, and social well being. We consider youth sports to be a vital part of the educational process of children which teaches teamwork, respect, sportsmanship and fun. Our goal is to provide the best possible youth sports environment through experienced and dedicated professional staff, trained instructors/coaches and educated parents who desire and promote a positive youth sports experience for all children.

RECREATIONAL LEAGUE: Volleyball participants and their parents will be assured of quality, fundamental instruction by coaches and the City of Goodyear Recreation Division. The program has an itinerary that allows for plenty of sport-specific instruction such as passing,spiking/attacking,serving and setting; as well as time to develop interpersonal and social skills. Our program gives players the opportunity to learn the proper techniques to mastering some of the games most used skills. This RECREATIONAL league will focus less on competition and winning with an emphasis of learning the basic fundamentals and developing a love for the game. Coaching will address the fundamental techniques of ,quickness and eye and hand coordination that will be developed throughout the season.

GOALS: -Teach and instruct the fundamentals of Volleyball in a recreational setting and through a positive way that will lead to better play and ability to move-on to play competitive Volleyball.

 $10 Early-bird discount is applied to the registration if registered before 11:59pm, Jan 23, 2013NO REFUNDS ISSUED AFTER March 22, 2013


Location: Recreation Offices

Games-begin March 23@ Copper Trails ES Gymnasium, Centerra Mirage ES Gymnasium

Practices-begin the week of March 4  Location TBD

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