Bellydance: Tribal Level 1/2

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Tribal Belly Dance Level 1/2
Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS), is a form of belly dance that focuses on group improvisation and creating a dance together in ?the moment?. With a leader/follower relationship, you will learn a dance language based on easy to remember moves and cues. Everyone leads and follows so that the flow of  movement and energy is ever-changing. In the class we focus on the foundational five steps with an emphasis on transitional moves as well as posture and walking with your shimmy! This class is perfect for the beginner or those looking to continue their study and perfect the foundations and learn additional combinations. We will be working on zils (finger cymbals). Sets will be available for purchase or loan. For more information go to By: Cari Smith of Anaya Tribal, City of Goodyear. Min/Max: 5/20. Pre-registration required. For more information about the class or registration call 623-882-7525.

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