Snowboard Lessons 12/22/12 - 10:00 Session

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Save yourself some time and frustration by taking a snowboard lesson With a long history of teaching under our belt, we know for a fact that your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other will have a difficult time teaching you how to snowboard correctly. Take our word for it: let one of our instructors show you the right way. A lesson will enable you to enjoy the sport of snowboarding in much less time. Our lessons are only $20, so you have no reason not to take one. Our staff is dedicated to helping you ride the park like a pro. Lesson length is key, so we take 90 minutes to get the job done right. Our group lessons will have no more than a 6-to-1 instructor to student ratio. We also split groups up according to ability and age. Age Limits: Participants must be 10 years old. All participants ages 7-9 are advised to take a private lesson available Sunday mornings at 10:00a.m.. Private lessons (group or individual) are $30 (per person) and must be scheduled 48 hours prior to the lesson date.

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