Elements Music Piano Keyboard Club-Legend Springs

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The best way to learn the piano or keyboard is with Elements Music! Don't believe it? Elements is a 30 week course, broken into 5 six week levels. In Level 1, students learn rhythm and counting, the names of the keys, and playing melodies with bass notes. In Level 2, they learn how to read, name, and play all the notes of the treble staff. In Level 3, they learn the bass staff. In Level 4, they are introduced to chords, and by Level 5, they can play all 36 major, minor, and sus4 chords! Keyboards are provided for school use only. All learning materials and songs provided.

No keyboard at home? Questions? Call Elements Music at (480) 325-2684 and we'll help you find an inexpensive keyboard and/or answer your questions. For 1st-8th graders.

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