CoachD Soccer Camp

About This Activity

We offer beginner, Intermediate and advance levels. Our main focus is to keep it fun and offer a great soccer experience for every age group.

This soccer camp is divided into three level, which are listed during the registration process. In the early stages of soccer, my main focus is coordination, agility and primarily keeping this process fun for little ones trying the sport for the first time.In the intermediate level, I look for balance, agility, first touch and coordination, without these essential techniques, moving to the next level will be a bigger challenge. During this camp, I play balance games, we jump though rings, and work aggressively on first touches, discipline is also a suit that I focus on during this camp.The advance level, is for those who have played before and would like to touch on some basics and improve them in preparation for High school or Club play. I focus on those first touches, agility, burst of speed and conditioning. If you think you are ready for this level, come and try it out. Test your speed against coach. Again at every age level, we make an attempt to always keep it fun. We will also have an ONSITE Yoga instructor to stretch out our players and provide a 1 hour class to our wonderful parents at no additional cost to you.

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