LTS - Level 6

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The foundation of the ARC Level 6: Personal Water Safety Learn to Swim program class is to refine strokes so participants swim with more ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness and over greater distances, to teach students how to prevent aquatic emergencies in various aquatic environments, and to introduce and practice self-rescue techniques. This class will focus on increasing endurance while performing strokes, demonstrating front crawl open turn, backstroke open turn, sidestroke turn, front flip turn, backstroke flip, butterfly turn and breaststroke while swimming, treading water, kicking only, in deep water, demonstrating a feet-first dive and retrieving an object from a depth of 7 feet, demonstrating the HELP position, demonstrating the huddle position, demonstrating a survival float and a back float in deep water, demonstrating survival swimming, and discussing basic safety rules for open water environments and boating.

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