Jingle Bell Shop Session II

About This Activity

In addition to Gardner's array of holiday festivities, the Gardner Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting the 7th Annual Jingle Bell Shop! Let your children go on a shopping spree for parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. It's not just any shopping spree, but one where your child will be able to choose a gift item that isn't complete until after they add some creativity to it! Your child will have many "kid priced" craft items to choose from, ranging anywhere from two to five dollars each. The kids will then complete their project(s) and get it wrapped for FREE before they go home! Parental supervision is recommended, but not required for those who are 7 and older. Volunteers will be available to assist your child if need be. During the holiday season, parents can rest assured that their children will shop in a safe and fun environment, not to mention have some time to let their imaginations go wild! Join us and let your child experience the thrill of picking out gifts for family and friends! Note: Most of the craft projects will involve paint. Smocks will be provided, but please dress your child accordingly.

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