Fins III Session 2 9:00 a.m.

About This Activity

Fins III Class Description:Captures objects in chest deep water, without help & eyes open, deep water bobbing, incline safety bobbing, encouter deep water by jumping from diving boards, front & back glide: two body lengths, turning over front & back without assistance, intro to reversing directions at the wall, front crawl without help, side breathing 10 yards, back crawl without help, alternating arms, modified elementary backstroke, intro to treading water with all kicks, 2 minutes dive from side of pool using kneeling and compact positions, and simple life saving skills/ CPR skills. Class is 45 minutes long and meets Mon. thru Thur. for two consecutive weeks. Fridays will be used for make-up classes in case of inclement weather. Max 10 participants in each class.

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