Portland Marathon 2012 HALF

Sunday, October 7, 2012   7:00 AM
Downtown Portland, Oregon
Portland , OR

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Event Description:

Now in its third year, the Portland Marathon HALF includes all the fun, excitement and goodies of our full marathon— a course that’s fast and forgiving, with more entertainment per mile than other events, along with excellent volunteer support, and great goodies at the finish including: a mint-struck proof finisher’s medal, two performance shirts, a challenge coin and pendant, to name just a few! Please join us for perfect fall weather and a most memorable half marathon experience!

As of Feb. 6, the entry fee is $250, with a limited number of entries available. Ways to still enter the HALF:
1) Register through one of the listed Official Charities of the Portland Marathon as a fundraiser and receive a FREE ENTRY! Details on how to do so will be available at by Feb. 6.
2) Register for the $250 entry fee (a limited number available) and half the fee goes to support the Official Charity Program of the Portland Marathon! Those paying the $250 fee may take a $125 tax deduction for their contribution with the details of the gift printed on their confirmation.

**Thank you for choosing to participate in the Third Annual HALF—part of the 2012 Portland Marathon. You won't be disappointed! With all the fun, excitement, and goodies of the full marathon, but half the distance on a fast course filled with entertainment and excellent support...the Portland Marathon HALF is the right choice!

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