Swim Assessment, Development and Dryland Training for the Triathlete

About This Activity

Shelly O'Brien is a USAT Level III Elite Development coach and USAT Coach Certification Instructor. This is andopportunity to learn from one of the top coaches in the USA who is becoming recognized for the applications taught in the course utilized by the average age-group athlete and swim coaches alike. In 2012 this particular class was taught to over 200 individuals in 8 classes across the USA with 100% positive feedback.

This course covers: •Assessing the athlete (or yourself) •Discussion of swimming efficiency and technique •Technique analysis through video •The art of building volume while maintaining skill •Direct application of swim specific strength and flexibility exercises Participants will experience the strength training and should come to this discussion in workout attire. The first 4 athletes to send a good quality .avi file to shelly@icon1multisport.com that meets the following criteria will be used in the presentation. No other file type is accepted. •No fins or other swim toys in the video •The water quality must be clear with the athlete distinctly visible. •at least :30 of Underwater front view •at least :30 of underwater away from the camera- no kicking •at least :15 of each, single arm drill underwater •at least :30 side view underwater •Repeat all of the above with video taken from above the water. USAT Coaches receive 3 USAT CEUs!

Additional Date Information
Friday Feb 15 2:30PM-5:30PM
The fees for the coaching clinics are $79 for a USAT Certified Coach, $99 for USAT Members, and $119 for the general public

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