Powerlifting Plus @ Crossfit FWB

Saturday, April 27, 2013 @ 9:00 AM (CDT)
Crossfit Fort Walton Beach 29 Jet Drive Fort Walton BeachFL  32548
Saturday, April 27, 2013 @ 9:00 AM (CDT)
Crossfit Fort Walton Beach 29 Jet Drive Fort Walton BeachFL  32548

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The competition fee and all proceeds from t-shirt sales will go directly to the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation.

Competitors must be 18 years of age or older on the date of the competition. High-Quality Athletic T-Shirts may be ordered by 16 April for $15 (women's cut available). Online registration closes 26 April. General Info -The event will start @ 9:00am Saturday, April 27th. We will open with the weigh-in and collection of scorecards, shortly after the rules will be announced to the competitors. This is a RAW Competition. Event order will go as follows: Squat… Bench Press… Deadlift... 400m sprint. -No bench shirts or suits, no straps or hooks… Wraps and belts are welcome and chalk will be provided. A shirt with sleeves or no sleeves may be worn; sleeves must not touch the elbow. -The officially recognized “best lifter” formula shall be the Wilks formula. There are no weight classes, only male/female divisions. -Bench Press will be touch and go and the ref will signal the re-rack. Arms must be locked out at the top and hips, butt and shoulders must stay on the bench. Once the bar begins moving up it cannot come down. The bar must touch the chest. A lift-off is allowed. -The Squat will be a parallel back squat meaning the crease of the hip must go parallel to the thigh; The ref will indicate the lifter may begin the descent when the lifter has successfully un-racked the weight and is standing still. The lifter will descend and rise. The ref will indicate when the lifter can re-rack the weight. Prematurely re-racking or descending will disqualify the lifter. -For the Deadlift, once the weight is lifted the bar cannot make any downward movement. As the competitor comes to an erect position the knees will be locked and shoulders brought back to a neutral position. The ref will indicate when the weight can be lowered. -As for the event layout, competitors must write their initial starting weight down for each individual lift. This weight cannot be increased or decreased once it is turned into the scorekeeper. Each event will start with the lightest weight being lifted for that given round and progress to the heaviest. At the end of the round competitors will write their target weight for the next round; once the scorekeeper has possession of all scorecards the bar will be stripped down to the lightest weight for the second round. This process will then be repeated until all three rounds are complete. The 400m sprint will be performed after the lifts.



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Crossfit Fort Walton Beach 29 Jet Drive Fort Walton BeachFL  32548
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