4th Annual FGCU 50-Mile Fly-by-Night Relay sponsored by Elevation Burger

About This Activity

A 50-mile relay race on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University. Teams of 5-8 runners race to complete 25 2-mile loops through campus.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 10-finishing teams, as well as the top team in select divisions.We are in our 4th year. Last year we had year we had over 600 runners!Rules:�\tAll teams must have at least 5 and no more than 8 runners �\tNo team member may run consecutive legs �\tEvery runner must run at least 2 legs �\tNo runner may run more than 10 legs �\tAll hand-offs must take place within the designated hand-off zone �\tThe team of any runner who leaves the course (knowingly or unknowingly) will be disqualified �\tRunners must wear a reflective safety vest. Teams may bring their own or we will provide them.�\tThe race will end 4 AM sharp. Teams that have not completed the race by that time will be designated DNF �\tTeam fees are non-refundable �\tTeams must check in at the Florida Gulf Coast University Recreational Fields (on the main campus) no later than 1 hour before start time. All team members must be present at sign in and sign a waiver. Teams signing in with incomplete teams will be able to run if they have at least 5 runners at sign in; however, the team may not add runners who missed sign in, even if they are listed on the team�s original roster �\tRace organizers will not provide tents, blankets, or shelters for runners. Teams are strongly encouraged to bring materials to set up a small race camp in the rest area �\tThis is a no-alcohol event. Teams may not bring or consume alcohol in the rest area. Runners thought to be under the influence of alcohol will be pulled from participation and their team will be eliminated

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