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Courthouse Fitness Indoor Triathlon

Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 7:00 AM (CST)
Lakeland Drive Courthouse 2625 Courthouse Circle FlowoodMS  39232
Saturday, January 12, 2013 @ 7:00 AM (CST)
Lakeland Drive Courthouse 2625 Courthouse Circle FlowoodMS  39232

About This Activity

Mississippi's Only Indoor Triathlon Series!!(Swim 20 Minutes)--(Bike 20 Minutes)--(Run 20 Minutes)The Lakeland Courthouse is the home for this Inaugural Event!This event will be held 4 times each year, once per quarter.Participants who do the first 3 races, get the 4th race of that same year for FREE!


You have 20 minutes from when your wave starts to swim as many lengths of the pool as possible, with credit given for a 1/2 length. Your Personal Assistant will meet you in your lane at your wave start, count your lengths (and 1/2 length if applicable), and alert you when SWIM time is up. Example: If your wave start is 7:00am, your SWIM starts at 7:00am and ends at 7:20am.


You have 20 minutes from from when the SWIM ends to BIKE as far as you can possibly go! Your Personal Assistant will escort your from the SWIM, to Transition Room and/or Locker Room, and to the Spin Studio. They will record your distance from the Spin Bike computer when time expires. Example: If your wave start is 7:00am, your BIKE starts at 7:20am and ends at 7:40am.


Time to finish this thing! You have 20 minutes from the when your BIKE ends to RUN like the wind, albeit on a treadmill with no wind. Your Personal Assistant will escort you from the BIKE, to Transition and/or Locker Room, and to the Cardio Room for some quality time on the treadmill. They will record your distance when your race has ended exactly 1 hour after it started. Example: If your wave start is 7:00am, your RUN starts at 7:40am and ends at 8:00am.


The # of participants will determine the # of points per discipline. Example: If there are 100 participants, there will be 100 Swim Points, 100 Bike Points, and 100 Run Points. First Place Swim would receive 100 points, Last Place Swim would receive 1 point. Same for Bike and Run. The person with most points (in their division) wins! Division age is determined via your age as of December 31 of current race year.

Course Layout and Couple of Rules

SWIM is INDOOR in a heated @78F, 50-Meter pool. No wetsuits, flippers, or any devices that aid in flotation or propulsion.BIKE is INDOOR on Spin Bikes w/computer. You may bring your own bike/trainer/computer combo is staff can determine mileage. If nice, bikes may be moved outdoors to view the swamp!RUN is INDOOR on treadmill. Go fast, Go slow, but NO stopping once you start.


Each wave will consist of 8 participants, and starts 20 minutes after the previous wave. If you are late for your wave, you are late and are losing time. Wave starting times will be posted at least 24 hours prior to race, with starting time consideration given to those with specific circumstances that are meritorious.


(Male/Female UNDER 40)--------(Male and Female 40+)----------Early registrants receive T-shirt & Sticker-------------------------Finishers get a Finisher's MedalDivision Winners--To Be DeterminedAnnual Division Winner (Most Points for the race year)--WOOHOO! Wait and See!

Triathlon Series Info

Held 4 times during each calendar year. Registrants in first 3 races each year get the 4th race for FREE! Held in January, April, July and October. A GREAT TRAINING RACE and A FRIENDLY EVENT-if you are sick/traveling on race day, we have a "make up" day. You won't be eligible to win that race, but do earn points towards Annual Division Champ standings. You can even transfer your entry to someone else (done at packet pick up).

Benefits Who?

Net Proceeds used to support the MS Makos USA Swimming Team. With approximately 300 youth swimmers, the Makos are the largest and most successful swim team in Mississippi over the last 10 years, winners of BOTH the Short Course and Long Course State Championships! The Lakeland Courthouse 50-Meter pool is the home pool for these fastest of sharks. A Mako will be your Personal Assistant during the race, fetching you water, your cell phone, or most anything you need to help you succeed!

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