YouTube Sensation Sarah Dussault Shares Her Favorite Fitness Things

Going commando for workouts. Yay or nay?

"Yay in running shorts with lining, nay in tight capris."

Fill in the blank: Best fitness advice you ever heard was from ______ and he/she said "________."

"Trainer Mike D'Angelo (Equinox in Boston) said 'There is plenty of room at the top.' It's not fitness-specific, but it's something I've always remembered. It's a hard business to be in when everything I do is quantifiable, from YouTube views to Twitter followers and even the number on the scale. It's hard not to compare yourself to others."

What's your exercise kryptonite, and why?

"I hate plyometrics. If I'm going to do cardio, let me run or spin. If I'm going to strength train, let me lift slow and deliberate. I do them and make my clients do them because they work, but I despise constant burpees, mountain climbers or jump lunges."

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Best move you've EVER tried for sculpting killer abs, go.

"Best ab move is hanging leg raises using slings that hook onto a pull up bar. (BTW, those look like this.) No equipment? Planks."

A freakish Nor'easter hits Boston, and your snowed in your apartment. You have absolutely no equipment. What workout do you do?

"I have an amazing cardio workout in my new book that is a total-body blast and always leaves me sweaty and dead! If I want less cardio, I recently discovered the amazingness of Physique57's online classes. The 'Strong and Lean' is an awesome workout for just $5."

Most delicious and nutritious post-workout snack you've ever had/made?

"A cup of Greek yogurt with Living Intentions Hemp Cereal and fresh berries."

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Fill in the blank: The workout pants/capris/tights that make your butt look the best are ____.

"I have a couple of amazing capris. Adidas makes the Women's Training Ultimate with a thick colorful waist band that comes up to your real waist and lifts everything in the booty area, making it look like you're flexing. Oakley also makes a great one called the Power Through Capri."

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Image Credit: Sarah Dussault

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