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Walking 10,000 Steps

Q: Is it really reasonable to walk 10,000 steps every day as the American Diabetes Association suggests? I kept track using a pedometer and find I average nearly 2000 steps per day. Last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and my doctor also told me that I needed to lose 75 pounds. Having lost a long-time loved one and working 60-plus hours a week in accounting has left me isolated and out of shape. I am optimistic but have no idea how to get to 10,000 steps. What's next?
A: Yes, you can work up to 10,000 steps. Keep the pedometer. Since you are a numbers person, you will probably find it helpful to track your progress. Start with the end in mind and have resources to maintain your goal of 10,000 steps. If you add 200 steps daily to your current level of 2000 you will reach your goal in 40 days or about six weeks. By using the pedometer everything will be counted.

To reach and maintain you goal, get involved with a walking club or set a time you and a friend can meet to walk. Also, carry or keep a pair of walking shoes at your work to use anytime you can get out. As your distance increases, pick a few events to participate in and meet more walkers to walk with. Good luck.—Bryan Baisinger

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Greg Lekas, DC, is a Chiropractic Physician, nationally certified Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist who works with patients of all athletic levels and abilities. He can be reached at gregl@clearh2o.org. Bryan Baisinger, DC, is a Portland State University Athletics team physician and is the owner of Clearwater Clinic and can be reached at 503-279-0205 or bryanb@clearh2o.org.
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