Pump Up Your Spring Strength Training

Pump Up Your Spring Strength Training

Keep your body toned and your muscles strong with strength training. Try out one of these strength training classes.

Power Sculpt

San Jose, California - Various dates

This one-hour body sculpting class includes upper and lower body exercises and a special section targeting your abs. Hand weights and bands are used for an effective workout. Class ends with a full-body stretch. Read More

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TRX Training

White River Junction, Vermont - Various Dates

Tired of the same old routine? Spice up your workouts with TRX. Challenge your core and increase your flexibility as your work in multiple planes. Show up to class ready to take your fitness to the next level. Read More

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Body Sculpting

Cottonwood, Arizona - Various dates

By combining flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning, these classes change up your typical fitness routine to help you optimize and tone your body. Read More

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Easy Strength Training

Fairfax, Virginia - Various dates

New to strength training? These classes are ideal if you're just building up your fitness. Read More

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Weight & Strength

Pleasant Hill, California - Various dates

Enjoy a great combination of low-impact training and strengthening in one class. Take this class to improve your flexibility, strength, balance and health. Read More

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