Music for Yoga: Songs to Match Your Practice

"People are really connected to music," Brown continues. "And if that's what gets someone into yoga, then that's awesome."?

Here are some suggestions of unusual artists, songs?and albums to choose from in order to create your own playlist, according to the different parts of your own practice:

Start Slow

Brown likes to begin her class with silence and then, as students begin to move a little bit at first, she?starts her playlist off with light, mellow or instrumental music. We suggest:

????? Song: "Coloring of Pigeons," by The Knife, Tomorrow, In a Year?(This album?is an opera collaboration?involving Swedish artsy, avant guarde-y, electro duo The Knife; most of it just sounds like opera, but this song is one good yoga opener.)
????? Album: Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia, Friday Night in San Francisco (It's live, original acoustic recording from three of the best jazz guitarists you ever did hear)
????? Albums: Nightmares on Wax, Mind Elevation, In a Space Outta Sound, and Smokers Delight (Electro, hip-hop, soul, Latin percussion, down-tempo, funk, groovy
????? Album: Tortoise, TNT (Fusion?dub, electronics, jazzy, guitar, percussion, ambient, loungey, relaxing, cerebral, hypnotic, cool)
????? Album: Herbie Mann, Live At the Village Gate (Funky jazz flausist ... this recording will get any cobra out of its basket.)

Pick It Up

Whatever style of yoga you practice—whether you flow into poses or not, the middle part of your practice is bound to get more intense. Some like to throw in some sun salutations, core strengthening, mild strength training or pilates at this point.

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