How to Find Friends With (Fitness) Benefits

Exercise can produce some amazing results. And the exhilaration you feel after a run, yoga session, spinning, Pilates or Zumba class can be addictive. 

Still, even the most dedicated athletes can end up in a training rut or struggle to find enough motivation to go to the gym. 

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Whether you have a special fitness goal or need a little extra motivation, the solution might be staring you in the face. Literally. 

Working out with a partner--whether it's a spouse, friend or significant other--can produce twice the benefits of training alone. Your "plus one" can help you better understand your limits and help you push through them. And, in turn, you can do the same for them.

The key to a successful partnership is finding the right exercise buddy. Here's how to avoid picking the wrong person for the job.

How to Find a Fitness Buddy

Start by taking a look at those closest around you; and then test your exercise compatibility by going out on an activity together.  As a team, you should motivate one another, check in on each other's progress, and set goals together. 

For example, go on a challenging hike or run. Does this partner encourage you when you're struggling, or does he or she let you give up? Did you accomplish more or less with this person compared to heading out on the same activity alone?

How to Make the Partnership Work

Once you've found a workout buddy, create a plan to make it a healthy, rewarding experience. Begin by establishing goals for each other and setting a timeline.

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