Crossropes for Newbies: 9-Minute Interval Routine

Step away from the traditional jump rope. New weighted jump ropes designed for beginners have hit the gym.

People new to jump roping typically reach for lighter ones. They're doing it all wrong. It may seem counter intuitive, but for beginners, heavier ropes are much easier to jump with.

Lightweight ropes don't provide enough feedback to feel the position of the rope go around the body. The sensation of a heavier rope in a beginner's hands helps control speed while learning rhythm, coordination and technique. Plus, using various weights mixes up your workout for better upper-body conditioning.

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How to start? The Crossrope Double Under Set is ideal for new jumpers because of the various weights. Test them out with this 9-minute workout. As you improve your rhythm and coordination, jumping rope will become easier and you'll become faster and stronger.

Do this routine on it's own or add it to your regular fitness plan.

Crossropes for newbies

Start with a slow rhythm. It's important to only jump once per rotation. You want to avoid the common tendency of two jumps per rotation. You may have a more difficult time initially with the lighter rope. Be patient and in time you'll find your rhythm and be able to use all of these ropes to improve your fitness.

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Print this 9-minute workout to take with you wherever you go.

Crossrope Types

Power Rope: The Crossrope Power cable is 1.25 pounds. It's for jumpers who are looking to challenge themselves. This rope is designed to develop timing, rhythm and coordination. Long sessions are difficult, but possible. This rope is best used for short, intense intervals.

Explode Rope: The Crossrope Explode cable is 0.75 pounds. This is the mid-weight rope in the Crossrope series. It's ideal to give jumpers an upper-body workout, but light enough to be used during longer interval sessions.

Stamina Rope: The Crossrope Stamina cable is 5 ounces. It's heavier than the average jump rope and can rotate quickly. This rope can be used for repeated intervals or for conditioning on high-intensity skills like double unders.

Always speak with your doctor before starting any new program.

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