Become a Better Runner With an Equinox Precision Class

It can be easy to hit a plateau as a runner—your PR's aren't getting much better (maybe you're even stuck trying to break one) or your body is no longer changing and you're stuck at the same weight. It's a common wall to hit in the sport, which is why I decided to check out Equinox's new Precision Running class.

This treadmill workout, developed by running coach David Silk, is designed to make runners stronger, faster and more fit. Who wouldn't want that? Here's the run-down:

The B.I.T.E Method

Huh? No it wasn't created to be like HIIT, but instead a Balanced Interval Training Experience. An equal emphasis is split between aerobic and anaerobic forms of interval training so your body stays healthy during the workouts. Essentially the method is meant to help you run right, hurt less, and burn more. And oh, does it ever!

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The coaches go through extensive training

Ever been on a long run and you're just begging your running partner to tell you a long story to distract yourself from each and ever pavement pounding step? Equinox's running instructors know your pain and talk you through the whole class. There literally was not a moment of silence, and I never even noticed that no music was played during the class.

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