Active City Spotlight: San Diego

Swimmers at La Jolla Cove.

In 1974, a group of athletes looking for a challenge put together a silly little event in San Diego, California.

It involved 6 miles of running, 5 miles of cycling and 500 yards of swimming, though the runs and swims were broken up. It was called a "triathlon" and the name stuck. A sport was born.

To this day, San Diego remains the best city on Earth to be a triathlete. The running routes are great. Cycling routes can feature coastline and mountains. Swimming can be in calm bays, choppy oceans or Olympic-sized pools. The weather almost always cooperates. Triathletes—thousands of them—surround you.

The city's love with triathlon is really just a microcosm of its love of being outside and being active in general. The mild temperatures make going outside a must. A run at the beach, a bike ride through the county's mountains or a swim in the ocean is an everyday occurrence.

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Planning a trip to this beautiful city? When in San Diego, do as the San Diegans do. That means packing your exercise clothes and setting aside a chunk of your trip for working up a sweat., headquartered in San Diego, is here to help. This is your guide to the best running spots, cycling routes, swimming holes, hiking trails and more in America's Finest City.

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